Lloyds Laboratories

View the Llyods Laboratories website. Here are a few examples of their products:

The High Performance Penetrating Lubricant

Pt# 11008; 200 g (8 oz) aerosol
Pt# 11010; 250 g (10 oz) aerosol
Pt# 11014; 350 g (14 oz) aerosol

Pt# 12016; 455 ml (16 oz) bottle c/w sprayer
Pt# 12516; 455 ml (16 oz) with yorker spout
Pt# 12004; 4 ltr jug (1.14 gal)
Pt# 12020; 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 13010; 284 ml (10 oz) precision pump
Pt# 13045; 130 ml (4.5 oz) precision pump
Pt# 18888; Empty 16 oz bottle with trigger sprayer
Pt# 12001; Empty 1 ltr bottle with trigger sprayer

Moovit is blended from the highest quality natural ingredients, uniquely formulated to loosen rusted, seized parts, nuts and bolts with ease. Moovit's capillary action combined with superior lubrication reduces torque and thread wear, requiring less replacement of parts, machinery and equipment. Moovit is user friendly, compatible with all metals, alloys, plastic, rubber and synthetics. MOOVIT SAVES TIME AND MONEY.

  • 100% active ingredients
  • Use less - superior performance - better value
  • Fast long lasting lubrication (lasts up to 1 year without evaporation)
  • Ensures smooth operation of machinery and fine mechanisms
  • Food grade approval Health Canada
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical Data:

  • Flash point +200°C Close cup ASTM D93
  • Pour point -50°C
  • Cloud point -28°C
  • Viscosity 95 Cts
  • Specific gravity .8548
Low Temperature Leak Detector

Pt# 42908; 237 ml (8 oz) bottle with ext.tube

Detects leaks on horizontal surfaces in low temperatures (-65ºF, -54ºC). Finds the most minuscule gas leak. Dries clean with no residue. Suitable for all compressed gases and types of tubing and piping. Completely biodegradable.

Professional Leak Detector

Pt# 42808; 237 ml (8 oz) bottle with ext. tube

Detects leaks on horizontal surfaces. Finds the most minuscule gas leak. Dries clean with no residue. Suitable for all compressed gases and types of tubing and piping. Completely biodegradable.

Pipe Threading & Cutting Oil

Pt# 42104; 4L jug (1.14 gal)

Professional quality and performance. Extends die life and improves thread quality with all pipe threading machines.

  • Clear, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Natural source ingredients and additives help orbit lubricate under high pressure and heat with no film breakdown.

Brake Parts Cleaner (Non-Flammable)

Pt# 51320; 500 g (20 oz) aerosol

Pt# 52304; 3.75L jug (1 gal)
Pt# 52320; 18L pail (4.6 gal)

Exceptional performance in a truly unique formulation. Cleans and degreases brake parts instantly. Evaporates quickly leaving no residue. Helps to eliminate brake squeal. A value priced product with no compromise to safety and performance. Good for 1000’s of other applications.

  • Contains no Trichloroethane III
  • Non-water base
  • Non-flammable
  • Very low odour
  • High-pressure CO2 Propellant

Professional Grade Fire Retardant

Pt# 62314; 455 ml (16 oz) bottle
Pt# 62320; 20L pail (5.5 gal)

Class A is thoroughly tested by nationally recognized independent laboratories to meet the highest standards of fire retardancy as established by the N.F.P.A. Reduces dangerous flame spread on a range of materials including draperies, furniture, mattresses, wooden structures, cardboard and external clothing. All flame treated items must be able to absorb moisture and have a minimum content of 30% natural fibre.

  • Non-toxic
  • Low odour
  • ASTM - E84-81A earned a flame spread of 25 "A" rating
  • Very low odour
  • Easy to apply

Graffiti Remover/Paint Remover

Pt# 61714; 350 g (14 oz) aerosol

Pt# 62720; 20L pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 61745; 205L drum (55 gal)

Fight Back is a user-friendly product for safe effective results in removing vandalism marks and leaving the original surface intact. Fight Back works well on brick, concrete, ceramic tile, aluminium, steel, brass, chrome, vinyl, enamels, porcelain, marble, formica and most plastics. Also suitable for spray paint vandalism to vehicles and commercial trailers. Fight Back will break down and dissolve the fresher stain related molecules first. Just spray on, wait 1 – 3 minutes, scrub lightly or spray with water.

  • Removes spray paint, indelible ink, crayon, lipstick, black heel marks etc.
  • Very low toxicity
  • Biodegradable
  • No methylene chloride
  • Non-flammable

Compressed Air Duster And Component Freeze

Pt# 71030; 300 g (10 oz) aerosol

Pt# 77020; aerosol

Use on all electronic equipment to blow away dust and dirt from delicate or hard to reach places. Provides static free and high purity cleaning, leaves no residue and avoids scratching. Component freeze provides instant cooling to -51°C. Can be used to locate thermal intermittence of all electronic components. Comes with trigger lock and extension tube (eliminates accidental activation).

  • Non-flammable
  • 0% voc content
  • 100% non-ozone depleting
  • Dot exemption T.C.SUS292NRC
  • DOT 10232 approved

Electrical Contact Cleaner / Safety Solvent

Pt# 57220; 460 g (20 oz) aerosol

A multi purpose cleaner used in servicing, rebuilding and maintaining electrical equipment. Ideal for switches, relays, shafts, bearings, armatures, brushes, contractors, etc. Safe for all metals and most plastics.

  • May be used in most power on situations
  • Dries quickly leaving no residue with a clean and paintable surface
  • Contains no Trichloroethane III
  • Low odour
  • Cleans, flushes and degreases

Electrical Contact Cleaner(Flammable)

Pt# 51208; 200 g (8 oz) aerosol

Pt# 53210; 10 oz precision pump

A natural blend of four alcohols engineered to flush and clean dust, dirt and contaminants with no damaging effects to plastics, metals, synthetics, electrical components and circuit boards. Works to deflux solder joints for positive connections.

  • Non-conductive
  • Works to maintain signal strength and and positive contact
  • Dries quickly leaving no residue
  • Low odour
  • Always use in power off situation

Stainless Steel Inhibitor

Pt# 41014; 350 g (14 oz) aerosol

Pt# 42020; 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 43011; 284 ml (10 oz) precision pump

Gleemit works like an invisible glove to protect against stains, wear and abrasions on stainless steel. Keeps the surface of stainless steel shiny and impervious to finger prints and scuff marks. Use regularly to keep equipment looking new and clean.

  • Health Canada Food Grade Approval
  • Manufactured and used in the food industry for more than 30 years
  • Non-toxic
  • Ideal for high speed food and drink production lines
  • Always use in power off situation
  • Recognized as the only recommended treatment for stainless steel by major appliance manufacturers.

High Performance Glass Cleaner

Pt# 52920; 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)

Pt# 51920; 500 g (20 oz) aerosol

Use to restore that crystal clear, brand new lustre on glass, acrylic and plexiglas. Ideal for professional detailing of vehicles and entranceways. Removes acid rain and smoke film easily. Lasts much longer due to anti-fog and anti-static characteristic. Available as a concentrated liquid for commercial applications.

  • Contains no ammonia
  • Dries without streaking, leaving a clean fresh smell.

Hand Cleaner

Pt# 52704; 4 ltr jug w/o scrubbers w/pump
Pt# 52705; 4 ltr jug w/scrubbers w/pump
Pt# 52708; 237 ml (8 oz) w/o scrubbers
Pt# 52709; 237 ml (8 oz) w/scrubbers

Pt# 51920; 500 g (20 oz) aerosol

Leaves hands clean and soft without harsh desensitization. LX4Hands takes on industrial and automotive grime, inks, resins, paints, adhesives, carbon and grease. A natural citrus formulation with skin conditioning emollients and natural surfactants for hands on people. Also equally suitable for light and medium industry or institutional applications requiring frequent use. Plastic scrubbers give gentle microscopic scrubbing action with no sharp edges to wear away or cut skin cells. Available with or without plastic scrubbers.

Citrus Base Cleaner/Degreaser

Pt# 51120; 500 g (20 oz) aerosol

Pt# 52120; 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 52104; 4 ltr can (1.14 gal)
Pt# 52145; 205 ltr drum (55 gal)

A natural cleaner/degreaser for all metal surfaces. Dissolves and cleans grease and residues without harming painted surfaces and rubber attachments. A great replacement for varsol in the cleaning of mechanical parts.

  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Non-regulated for transport regulations
  • Excellent choice for heavy equipment, engines and parts
  • Health Canada Food Grade Approval

Citrus Water Soluble Concentrate

Pt# 51520; 500 g (20 oz) aerosol

Pt# 52316; 455 ml (16 oz) bottle
Pt# 52504; 4 ltr jug (1.14 gal)
Pt# 52520; 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 52001; Empty 1 ltr bottle with trigger sprayer

A versatile natural cleaner/degreaser that works best when diluted with water. Made from the natural sources of oranges, coconuts, and biodegradable surfactants. This wonder product will tackle just about any cleaning task without high acidic or caustic precautions. A clean lustre and pleasant fragrance of natural orange remains.

  • User and environmentally friendly
  • Food grade approved for incidental contact
  • 1000's of uses
  • Dilute from 1.1 to 50.1
  • Non-corrosive, non-acidic pH 7.8
  • IDEAL FOR - Restaurant equipment, stain removal, floors, ceramic tile, counter tops, plastic and vinyl, fibreglass, building exteriors, parking lot and driveway oil spots etc.


Pt# 42320; AW 32 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 42345; AW 32 205 ltr drum (55 gal)
Pt# 42620; AW 68 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 42645; AW 68 205 ltr drum (55 gal)

All season hydraulic fluid designed for use in severe heavy duty industrial and mobile applications. Anti-wear tested to ASTMD2882 yielded average ring and vein loss of less then 25mg - one of the best ratings ever attained. Meets and exceeds manufacturers requirements from Hagglunds-Dennison, Vickers, Cincinnatti-Millicron. Lloyds hydraulic fluid contains oxidation inhibitors for long service life and hydrolytic stability. Available in AW32 and AW68 viscosities (cts @ 100ºF).


Pt# 61920; 400 g (20 oz) aerosol

Multi Purpose Lubricant for the processing and packaging industries. Ideal for woodworking and fabric layout tables and for assembling rubber and plastic parts. Leaves surfaces clean with a high gloss invisible slippery film.

  • Stainless
  • Odourless
  • Waxless
  • Colourless
  • Makes everything slide and glide easier.

No Freeze Formula

Pt# 62004; 4 ltr jug (1.14 gal)
Pt# 62008; 237 ml (8 oz) bottle
Pt# 62016; 455 ml (16 oz) bottle
Pt# 67020; 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal) no freeze
Pt# 67045; 205 ltr drum (55 gal) no freeze

Tested and formulated with a natural base to maintain the internal mechanisms and "O" rings present in most hand held air tools and pneumatic logic controls and valves. Works extremely well to encapsulate and displace moisture molecules and protect against moisture damage.

No freeze pink formula also suitable for construction and underground pneumatic torpedo/boring equipment requiring protection in high pressure, high speed, low temperature applications.

  • Stainless
  • Odourless
  • Waxless
  • Colourless
  • Makes everything slide and glide easier.

Anti-Seize Compound

Pt# 62625; 250 g brush top container
Pt# 62650; 500 g brush top container

MS2 MOLY is a natural molybdenum disulphide based anti seize compound in a non-melt grease base. Eliminates seizure, galling, fretting and corrosion of threaded connections. Ideal for pre-treatment of studs, exhaust systems, spark plugs, threads, callipers and preventive maintenance programs of heavy equipment. Effective in extreme temperatures up to +1100°C (+2000°F).

White Lithium Grease w/ PTFE

Pt# 61514; 300 g (14 oz) aerosol

A clean, high quality multi purpose grease with superior film strength. Increased lubricity with an added PTFE (Teflon®) lubricant enhancer. Used extensively in manufacturing and service trades to shield against contaminants and water in harsh environments. A truly "thick" spray grease.

Multi-Duty Lubricant

Pt# 31014; 350 g (14 oz) aerosol

Pt# 32004; 4 ltr jug (1.14 gal)
Pt# 32016; 455 ml (16 oz) bottle c/w sprayer
Pt# 32020; 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 32045; 205 ltr drum (55 gal)
Pt# 33010; 284 ml (10 oz) precision pump
Pt# 38888; Empty 16 oz bottle with sprayer

Loobit is a multi use, heavy-duty lubricant, formulated for use on rollers, drive chains, wire rope and cables, internal control cables, open gears, exposed bearings, load bearings, load bearing hinges and pivot points, mechanical controls and more. This superior long lasting lubricant leaves a clear protective film impervious to moisture, salt, water, most chemicals and gases. Extends wire cable life up to 40% (as proven by customer testimonials) by reducing interior friction and displacing moisture.

  • Superior long lasting formula
  • Withstands high pressures
  • Clean, non-tar or creosote formula
  • Low viscosity, easy to apply
  • Proven by industry for more than 50 years
  • Will not attract dust, dirt and abrasives
  • User friendly, compatible with all paint finishes
  • WHMIS\OSHA non-controlled, non-hazardous


  • Flash Point Close cup ASTM D93 +220°C
  • Pour point +90°C
  • Cloud point -20°C
  • Viscosity 400 Cts
  • Dielectric Strength 34,000 volts

AD 3000™
Anti-Corrosion Barrier Film & Undercoating Lubricant

Pt# 21514; 350 g (14 oz) aerosol

Pt# 21504; 4 ltr jug (1.14 gal)
Pt# 22520; 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 22545; 205 ltr drum (55 gal)

Rust block clean undercoating for vehicles and equipment. Ideal for coating existing equipment parts and vehicles for extended service life and preventative maintenance. AD3000 may be applied over rust where it penetrates to the base metal, sealing the pores with state of the art corrosion inhibitors, therefore preventing further rust. Excellent for protection of all steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, rubber bushings, mouldings, plastic and fibreglass. Environmentally safe protection against corrosion.

  • High viscosity for thicker film application
  • Contains no tar or asphalt bi-products which seal in moisture
  • May be sprayed with standard spray equipment
  • WHMIS\OSHA non-controlled, non-hazardous
  • Dripless to +42°C
  • Lasts over one year
  • Absorbs and displaces moisture
  • Contains natural lanolin and wool wax


  • Flash point Close cup ASTM D93 +280°C
  • Pour point +10°C
  • Viscosity 1000 Cts
  • Viscosity 400 Cts
  • Specific gravity .9025

AD 2000™
Super Cushion Lubricant & Corrosion Inhibitor

Pt# 21008; 200 g (8 oz) aerosol
Pt# 21014; 350 g (14 oz) aerosol

Pt# 22004; 4 ltr jug (1.14 gal)
Pt# 22016; 455 ml (16 oz) bottle c/w sprayer
Pt# 22020; 20 ltr pail (5.5 gal)
Pt# 23010; 284 ml (10 oz) precision pump
Pt# 28888; Empty 16 oz bottle with trigger sprayer

Original formulation from the 1960's. AD2000 anti-corrosion formula is a lubricant that prevents and de-activates corrosion on metals, alloys, plastic and rubber on contact. It safely lubricates to ultra fine tolerances to eliminate squeaks and penetrates to leave a clean, non-sticky residue. Ideal for new and older equipment or parts when in storage, during transit or in operation.

  • Creeps to reach and protect hidden surfaces
  • Won't collect dust, dirt and grime
  • Completely dielectric, insulates short circuits caused by condensation
  • Maintains equipment like new
  • WHMIS\OSHA non-controlled, non-hazardous
  • Ideal for wiring harnesses and connections


  • Flash Point Close cup ASTM D93 +210°C
  • Pour point 0°C
  • Viscosity 350 Cts
  • Specific gravity .8850
  • Dielectric Strength 34,000 volts


Lloyds Laboratories commitment to quality has been a tradition since 1919 with the first introduction of our "IT" products. All product formulations, old and new are blended TO BE USER FRIENDLY WITH SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AND TO BE THE ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE ALTERNATIVE.

"THE PROOF IS IN THE CAN" has always been our pledge.

Lloyds Laboratories has remained a 100% Canadian company with full manufacturing and packaging facilities. Dedicated warehouse distribution is in place in every province from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia with exports to the United States and many other countries. Lloyds products help to enhance the environment with the chemicals they replace and the way they are packaged. Lloyds was the first in North America to use our trademarked PRECISION PUMP™ for metered application of lubricants and cleaners.