GrowZorb a growing medium to suit the horticultural industry's needs around the world in the new millennium ...

Product Information

GrowZorb Hydroponics Products

Easier grower management!
Reduced plant disease!
Recyclable - or compressible with less waste going to the landfill.

We are pleased to be able to introduce you to GrowZorb, the newest and most exciting growing medium in the world today.

GrowZorb is a growing medium for cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and various varieties of flowers. Testing is presently underway in Ontario and In British Columbia, Canada, a major grower has grown Long English Cucumbers, and stated that, "The main advantages we have encountered are the product's air to water ratio, ease of handling and root development." These all represent increased profits for the horticultural industry.

In addition to the growing benefits, a key feature of the growing medium is the fact that it is easily disposed of under governmental compliance regulations. Growers are facing increasing costs and difficulties when disposing of their current growing media. GrowZorb eliminates this environmental problem.

General Use Instructions for GrowZorb Slabs

Perfect for extended season crops, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, roses, cut flowers

Fast Track Option

If you do not have the opportunity to follow the above, the following procedure proved successful in trials.

1. Set GrowZorb slabs into position.
2. Cut for transplant placement.
3. Set transplants and position drippers on uphill side of the blocks.
4. Commence irrigation on the normal cycle.
5. Do not slit until the slab has been completely filled for at least 24 hours.

GrowZorb Drainage Slit

The requirement for a reservoir within the slab is determined by a combination of factors.

First is the delivery capacity of your irrigation system.

The GrowZorb does not require an internal reservoir if the delivery capacity is above 1.8 1/sq.m./hour.

For delivery systems with a lower capacity, the reservoir created by slitting should hold approximately 250 ml for each plant in the slab.

Second is the current media volume per plant.

If you maintain a reservoir in your current media, an equal per plant volume reservoir will be required in the GrowZorb.

If current media volume per plant is above 10 litres, a reservoir will be required in the GrowZorb. And in cases where the current media volume per plant results in irrigation frequency being less than once per 30 minutes on the hottest days, the GrowZorb reservoir volume should be 500 ml per plant in the slab.